Mission undertaken by one of our interpreters in Dari

Some of our volunteers during a training organized by one of our partners, a middle school, in the Goutte d'Or neighborhood in Paris. Our volunteers will intermediate on behalf of French-as-a-second-language families in order to ease communication between teachers and parents.

Telephone interpreting

                   On-site interpreting

                             Translation services

  • Linguistic support for migrants

Ensuring the accessibility and availability of interpreters who speak the languages of both the migrant and the institution, assisting migrants in the proceedings of everyday life (access to their rights and to healthcare)


  • Linguistic hotlines

Establishment of linguistic hotlines in collaboration with mayors and activists, etc.


  • Project for non-French speaking families

Escorting families in their interactions with the schools in which their non-francophone children study.


  • Intercultural mediation space

Providing mediators to renew the dialogue between parties from different linguistic and/or cultural backgrounds, with the aim of finding an amicable solution to conflict.


  • Providing interpreters in businesses

Linguistic support at HR.


Our organization works with volunteers to develop this program focused on making interpreters and translators available to migrants in order to help migrants access their rights and access healthcare. We connect organzations, migrant communities, and volunteers, promoting civic engagement and accompanying the efforts of our volunteers in promotion of our projects.

On 10th May 2019, our team of volunteer interpreters is available to take part in linguistic assistance missions in the following languages :


  • European languages : English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Central and Eastern European languages : Russian, Bielorussian, Chechen, Georgian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Albanian, and Armenian
  • North African and Middle Eastern languages : Classical Arabic and Arabic dialects (Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, and Sudanese), Kurde, and Turkish
  • East and South East Asian languages : Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Urdu,Tamil, Dari, Farsi, and Azeri
  • African languages : Lingala, Bambara, Mandingue, Djula, Peulh, Malinke, Soussou, Wolof, Sango, Haïtian Creole, and Comorian
  • Sign language


Some of our partners in all of France to whom we provide linguistic support :

CADA, Asylum Reception Centers, and CAO, Centres d'Accueil et d'Orientation, located in Annecy, Lille, Toulouse, Nantes, Le Havre, Rouen, Limoges, Guéret, Rumilly, Fleury-sur-Aubrais, Brou-sur-Chantereine, Gretz, Evry, L'Haÿ-les-Roses, Châtillon

Commitee against Modern Slavery (75)

Association Empreintes (77), Association Habitat Educatif (77), Association BAIL (77), Collège Le Luzard (77)

Samu Social du Val de Marne Croix Rouge Française

Armée du Salut in Marseille

A partnership agreement is in place between Pour une Planète sans Frontières and the partner establishment. An annual membership fee is required to contribute to recruitment fees and to fees for training and coordinating with volunteers.

Please contact us for any information request on our methods of intervention

An interpreter serving migrants

Training of community interpreters

We recruit, train, and coordinate with volunteer interpreters and translators. Training is provided to our volunteers in order to give them the necessary tools needed to understand issues related to immigration, to intercultural mediation, and to the role of community interpreters. We sensitize them to both and our partners' actions. We benefit from the support of the Dutch Office of Refugee Integration - Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland - in the Netherlands that developed a training program for volunteers.

Networking with migration actors

Member of the ECRE (European Council on Refugees and Exiles), situated in Brussels, which is a pan-European network of NGOs dedicated to refugees and asylum seekers.

Participates in the EASO (European Asylum Support Office) Assemblies, a European Union agency.


We have noticed that many interpreting needs are not met,because of a lack of means, though a great number of newcomers need help, amongst many other reasons, to ensure their rights are respected, to communicate with their children'sschool, have access to healthcare.

It's because of this need that we are mobilizing throughout France with our volunteer interpreters and translators. Generally, their missions consist of telephone interpreting, on-site interpreting, and translation.

Our partners are structures who welcome migrants, with whom it is not always possible to effectively communicate.