To schools throughout France, we provide access to our network of volunteers in the aim of facilitating communication in various circumstances between the school and French-as-a-second-language families whose children study in said schools.

This project aims to facilitate a positive, collaborative relationship - on which the children can count for success in their studies - between families and teachers.

For schools, our volunteers engage in the following missions :

- translations

- telephone and skype interpreting

- on-site interpreting for schools located throughout France

As of 15th March 2018, our volunteer interpreters and translators speak the following languages : English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Georgian, Kazakh, Ouzbekh, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Macédonian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Croate, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Armenian, Albanian, Classical and dialectal variations of Arabic (Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Sudanese), Turkish, Dari, Azeri, Farsi, Pashto, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, Peulh, Malinke, Soussou, Wolof, Sango, Haïtian Creole and  Comorian


"An Interpreter at school" project

Training of communal interpreters

We recruit, train, and coordinate with volunteer interpreters and translators. Training is provided to our volunteers in order to give them the necessary tools needed to understand issues related to immigration, to intercultural meditation, and to the role of communal interpreters. We sensitize them to both our and our partners' actions. We benefit from the support of the Dutch Office of Refugee Integration - Vluchteligenwerk Nederland - in the Netherlands that developed a training program for volunteers.

In the photo, some of our volunteers during a training organized in the school, under the supervision of the Academy of Paris. We send volunteer interpreters and translators to the Clemenceau Middle School, REP+, located in the Goutte d'Or neighborhood of Paris. This middle school welcomes a UPE2A, Educational Unit for Newly Arrived Non-French-Speaking Pupils (in French : Unité Pédagogique pour Elèves Allophones Arrivants).