We make our network of volunteers available to schools located across all of France in order to assist in communications between the school and the non-francophone families who send their children to these institutions.

This project aims to promote a collaboration between the families and teachers, a team effort which students can count upon to help them succeed.

Our volunteers make the following services possible for schools :

- Translations

Interpretation services by phone and Skype

- In-person interpretation services done by travel throughout all of France

As of 10th May 2019, our volunteer interpreters and translators speak the following languages : English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Belarussian, Chechen, Georgian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldavian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Mac├ędonian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrian, Armenian, Albanian, Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic dialects (Sudanese, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, and North African),

Kurdish, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Farsi, Dari, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Teochew, Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, African languages (Lingala, Bambara, Mandingue, Fula, Peulh, Maninka, Susu, Wolof, Sango, Ha├»tian Creole and  Comorian), French sign language


"An Interpreter in the school" project